[asuka dub voice]
Anonymous:  5'9''

i didnt see this!!!! im taller


Aevin Dugas has spent the last 14 years growing her hair and her record-breaking natural afro has entered Guinness Book of Records.Aevin says her hair is inspiring legions of women to ditch chemical straighteners and ‘go natural’. Her hair is 4ft 4ins around. She says that when her hair is stretched out to its complete length and pressed, it goes down to her butt.  Her jaw-dropping look brings her attention wherever she goes but it does have its drawbacks as she often gets it caught in trees, car doors and people’s earrings. Despite loving her hair, she has to tie it back while driving as it is so difficult to see past it. It can also take two days to wash and dry. She shampoos it and then uses up to five conditioners, then puts it into two French braids and from then it takes about two days to dry.Her biggest joy is inspiring young girls to stop using chemical straighteners, which can cause long-lasting damage to hair. She said: ‘I don’t know why but there’s something very important to me about little girls appreciating my hair and then wanting to wear their hair the same. I tell them there is nothing that I did special, there is no magical formula, we are born with our hair like this.’


true life: my friends are anime trash


you were named after the bravest man i ever knew, speed weed

yukio took over my twitter feed thats why i watched ao no exorcist


Here’s a preview of one of my pieces for the Oofuri fanbook that’s coming out this summer!

taller :)


(the quality doesnt justify my lateness and idk much about kpop so instead) i drew genderqueer onoda for taz :0
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